Luanne Camp

House Manager / Roy

Luanne, is a fixture of the Golden Life AFC team, as she’s been with us since we opened 19 years prior. She knows the campus like that back of her hand and takes the time to get to know all the residents we care for. Even after all these years working at Golden Life AFC, Luanne says this is what she truly loves, as it lets her interact with the elderly population and care deeply for people.

Childhood Luanne thought she would be a nurse, and while she is a CNA, she’s found the exact right spot for herself at Golden Life AFC. Ever since 12th grade when Luanne served as a leader for an Alzheimer’s support group, she knew elderly and memory care were close to her heart. She served as a paramedic shortly before transitioning into elderly care and remaining there.

Luanne is beloved by her two adult children and five grandchildren. Seeing her kids doing well for themselves and raising great children is the happiest part of her life. Raising her own children as a single mother, it’s especially sweet to see how well they’ve all turned out. When she’s not working, she is ideally spending time with those little ones. However, she’s also perfectly happy to spend time in her own company and rest on her days off.

If Luanne could give one piece of advice to someone younger than her, she would tell them to really focus on what they want to get out of life and stop at nothing to achieve it! Golden Life AFC wouldn’t be what it is without Luanne Camp – if you see her around, give her a “thank you” for all she’s done here, over the years and now.

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