5 Things To Look For When Choosing An Adult Assisted Living Facility

When someone you love for requires additional care on a daily basis, it can be a difficult time. As a family, it’s a big decision to make to transfer your loved one to an assisted living facility, even though it’s in their best interests. Once you’ve made the decision, the next thing to do is […]

Are Adult Foster Homes a Good Long-Term Care Option?

Older adults often become unable to live independently, which means they need help from caregivers with their daily life activities. Unfortunately, not all seniors can get reliable caregivers, which leaves them vulnerable to neglect and abuse. This is why adult foster care homes are becoming popular; they provide seniors with a small family-like setting where […]

Adult Foster Care vs. Assisted Living

While it’s easy to assume that foster care is only for children and teens, that’s not the case. There is also such a thing as foster care for adults with disabilities, designed for individuals over 18 with special needs. Residents may be disabled, dealing with mental health struggles, or facing age-related conditions like Alzheimer’s or […]