Rose Wagner

House Manager
Roy Dr

Born in Sheridan, Michigan, Rose grew up in Fenwick. During her younger years, she aspired to become a judge or wanted to take on a career where she could be a lawyer. Rose discovered her interest in the law while watching shows on TV, with her favorite being Judging Amy at the time. 

As Rose grew up, her interests started to change, and after her aunt noticed her care for other people, she was placed in a position as a caretaker. She started to take care of 12 patients at the beginning of her career, and Rose considers her aunt to be the source of the success she was able to obtain.

Rose is a compassionate individual who loves to take care of people. She now has employees who share the same passion for helping others as she has. Through this type of caregiver work, Rose feels appreciated on a daily basis and can observe the difference she makes in the lives of others.

In her personal time, Rose enjoys spending time with her two kids. She is also a wife to Danial, who she considered to be her best friend even before they became married. Rose did spend several years in infertility treatment, which is why one of her happiest moments was the day she found out she was pregnant. Since then, Rose has had two kids, Jayson and Kylie. Rose considers herself a “hands-on” mom, getting fully involved with everything her kids are doing. This is just another way Rose expresses her compassion for helping others.

Rose describes herself as a loving and passionate person who is also down to earth. She’s great at multitasking and considers herself to be well-composed and capable when given assignments and tasks to follow, whether these involve her personal life or her duties on the job.

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