Specialized Adult Foster Care Services

What makes us different?

An adult foster care home differs in a few aspects from an assisted living facility. An assisted living facility accommodates more residents at a time. However, there is a cost. A bigger facility resembles a hospital rather than a home. Often, assisted living facilities are not subject to state regulation, meaning they don’t need to undergo regular care assessments. The lack of regulation can result in lower levels of care. Check out are article on all the differences here.

At Golden Life AFC, we take a different approach. We can promise your loved one:

  • A limited number of residents with the advantage of individualized adult care
  • Homier environments than standard assisted living facilities
  • Strict adherence to standards set by Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services.

When you choose Golden Life AFC for your loved one, you can expect them to receive a better standard of care overall. Our home and community take shape under the guidance of caring and experienced individuals rather than faceless business people.

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Memory Care

One of our focuses here at Golden Life AFC is in providing memory care for community members. Older adults and those with mental health issues may be subject to memory loss. We want to ensure that all of our community members are as comfortable and at peace as possible. Some ways we practice memory care at our facility are:

  • Reading
  • Simple physical coordination games
  • Proper regular engagement with staff and other residents
  • Supervision and 24/7 care 

Third Party Medical

Our in-house caretakers are available 24/7. Your loved one, however, may have needs that require additional medical care. 

To meet these needs, we facilitate visits from third-party providers. Doctors, nurses, and therapists come to the house to provide expert medical and psychological care.  

As with our in-house team, we are selective of our third-party providers. We ensure that only qualified professionals attend to our community members.

Highly Trained Staff

You won’t find a team more passionate about helping its residents. Golden Life AFC’s staff has committed to providing the best care possible.

Our team has the proper training to meet your loved one’s specific needs. We are on-duty 24/7, meaning we are always there for our residents. Our professional caretakers have training:

  • In diabetic and communicable disease care
  • To administer CPR and first aid
  • To administer medicine properly

We ensure that everyone feels welcome in our community. We treat each resident with respect, patience, and understanding. By forwarding an empathetic approach, we effectively attend to their unique needs.

Aside from a healthy mind, we believe in the importance of a healthy body. This emphasis on balance is why we provide our residents with wholesome, nutritious meals. 

Our team serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with love. Each meal is tasty and provides essential nutrients. We also offer healthy snacks to ensure that our residents have the energy they need throughout the day. 

Some of our residents have specific dietary requirements. Due to medical conditions, some may require or have to avoid particular foods. Others may adhere to gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or other special diets. 

Third Party Hospice

When the end-of-life stage comes, other AFCs and facilities may be unable to care for a resident. 

Moving to a hospice facility, however, can be disruptive for your loved one. It can throw off their routine and cause unnecessary stress. They deserve to remain in a familiar environment. 

This commitment to end-of-life quality is why we provide third-party hospice care. Your loved one can remain in our homes during their final stage of life. 

Mentoring Services

Counselors can help members cope with any issues they may be facing. Those with mental health issues, for instance, often find it helpful to talk out their inner struggles. Those with mental disabilities may benefit from learning coping mechanisms or working on replacement behaviors. 

Our mentoring services can also facilitate connections between residents. It may be hard for members to form relationships. But, with the help of a mentor, members can find friendship in the community.

Spiritual Guidance

Some of our members hold religious and/or spiritual beliefs. We understand how vital spiritual beliefs are and how they can help promote a better quality of life. 

We promote respect for different religions and faiths.
To best serve our residents, we offer spiritual guidance services at the house and can make arrangements for outside worship.

Of course, we never require community members to partake in these services. They are only available to those who want them.

Flexible Visitation

When choosing a home, you should concern yourself with its visitation policies. You want to be able to consistently check-in and spend time with your loved one. 

Here at Golden Years AFC, we understand the importance of family time. We have flexible visitation times that will fit your schedule. So, no matter how busy you are, you and your family will have plenty of opportunities to visit. 

We always encourage our residents’ families to visit. It offers them great quality time and promotes overall wellbeing for everyone.

Community Involvement

We provide many outings to promote community involvement. Excursions give residents a break from house life, allowing them to get fresh air and a change of scenery. Outings also will enable them to meet new people and have new experiences.

We have three outings every week for those who express an interest. Outings may consist of activities such as:

  • Going out to dinner
  • Going shopping
  • Participating in a volunteer or work program
  • Sightseeing (visiting attractions, museums, etc.)

Our outings are entirely voluntary. If a member can’t participate due to limitations, there will be plenty of activities and events at the house.

Daily Activities

This belief in the quality of life is why we offer many regular enriching activities. They keep our members active and bring them joy. Plus, these activities allow our residents to interact with other residents and staff. 

There’s no limit to the activities we offer. Some of the most common include:

  • Arts and crafts opportunities
  • Board games, cards, bingo, etc.
  • An in-house store where members can purchase items with house money they earned

To ensure their wellbeing, we try to keep our members active. This health-first approach is why we also provide opportunities for physical activity. We go on group walks in the neighborhood, do light exercise at the house, etc. 

Regular Assessment Reporting

Every six months, our team conducts assessment reports. They ensure that your loved one is continually thriving in our community.

These reports pinpoint areas in which we can improve a resident’s living experience. We may use them to determine if we need to provide additional care or bring in specialized third-party care.  

As always, we keep families informed to ensure that they are in the loop.

Daily Housekeeping & Laundry

When looking for a community, you want one that is clean and provides a homey environment. 

We provide daily housekeeping and laundry services. We keep everything neat and tidy to ensure your loved one always feels comfortable. 

Doing chores around the house also allows members to earn house cash. As we mentioned above, we have an in-house store. Residents can use the house cash they made to buy trinkets or other items.